Touka Koukan. One is all. All is one.

Experience true meaning of natural order in its gruesome way.

Play with time flow. Be the merciful god who will keep world in order.

Hold space to make flow of time faster. Animals and humans move in the same speed, so you only shorten ones daytime.

Play on web :

Watch how wolves fight with humans for superiority, neither side knowing they need each other. Control the flow of time invading their time relevant behaviours, so both sides survive as long as its possible.

Animals are active during night. People are active while on sunlight.

See different behaviours of beings. Some of them might want to hunt other side as quick as possible, other might want to defend nest or city. For sure there are be some which have only reproduction on their mind, whereas few will do whatever they want. When population is low, they might change their behaviours as last stand way of surviving.

Team: Blue Screen Games
Team Members: Mufasa#7664/Veris#7817/Satri#1736/Sickled#1281/Wexah#1395

EDIT: Added Web Version


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Touka Koukan 20 MB

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